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Winter 2002
Communications industry cozies up with the 'What, me regulate?' crowd at the FCC
By Brendan Koerner
New America Fellow
Deregulation means opportunity for some of the big media conglomerates, but that's hardly news. The surprising part is the intimacy of the working relationship between the media lobby and their purported regulators.
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Federal bailout during crisis times
By Bob Keefe
Cox News
Is it bailout or Band-Aid for hurting industries? Cox News Reporter Bob Keefe puts some perspective on the time-honored "bailout" practice, and gives a preview of who else is lining up at the federal trough.

Politicians' money-raising season cut short by Sept. 11
By Jo Mannies
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Many political fundraisers were called off in the wake of Sept. 11 despite the fact that September and October are the two most important months in filling campaign coffers. Some politicians went ahead with the fundraisers, putting national security at the top of the issue agenda. Others cancelled events, but still managed to bring in donations.
PACs remain stealthy despite disclosure law
By Sarah Wright
Campaign Finance Information Center
Think Congress ended the scourge of so-called "stealth PACs" when it reformed the law last year? Hardly. These groups still have enormous sway in the soft money cycles. The only difference is that they are somewhat easier to locate.

MBNA's sudden generosity: Coincidence or quid pro quo?
By Aron Philhofer
Campaign Finance Information Center
MBNA's sudden generosity in campaign spending coincided with an industry-sponsored push to reform bankruptcy laws, as the News Journal reported. How did they find the story and make their case?
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