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Summer 2000

Closing in on campaign finance stories with a human touch
By Lori Prichard, IRE Staff
Donald Barlett and James Steele of Time Magazine share with other reporters at the 2000 IRE National Conference on how to track the quid pro quo: corporate donations and political favors.

Hurdle one: Getting the data
Hurdle two: Knowing what to do with it

By Lori Prichard, IRE Staff
Bob Warner of The Philadelphia Daily News and Clifford Levy of The New York Times offer to journalists at the 2000 IRE National Conference a how-to guide on collecting and crunching campaign finance data.

Leadership PACs: A breeding ground for stories
By Nedra Pickler, The Associated Press
Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press exposes the soft money switch-a-roo in federal leadership PAC

Paid for by... Behind the presidential ad wars: Who’s paying for what
By Darrel Rowland, The Columbus Dispatch
Darrel Rowland of the Columbus Dispatch uncovers who’s really behind the words ‘paid for by’ in the political ad wars.
Campaign finance: Uncovering the giving habits of America’s top executive
By Richard Dunham, Business Week
Richard Dunham of Business Week gives a play-by-play account of how to narrow down the list of top campaign contributors

Blue-Collar donors? Not in this election cycle: Uncovering who really gives in the 2000 presidential race
By David Knox, Akron Beacon Journal
David Knox of the Akron Beacon Journal explains that in the race for the White House, even those giving small sums to the presidential nominees aren’t your average American.

Party Anyone? How fund-raiser invitations can be used to corner politician
By Darrel Rowland, The Columbus Dispatch
Darrel Rowland of the Columbus Dispatch tells how to use the most “embarrassingly simple” CAR skills to come up with a fun story on political fund-raisers

College class finds the quid pro quo in Virginia legislature
By Jeff South, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jeff South, associate professor of communications at Virginia Commonwealth University, takes on the Virginia Legislature with his students in a computer-assisted reporting project.

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