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Mississippi's Money Flow
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  • In addition to articles relating to campaign finance and the 2000 election, the Clarion-Ledger has made it fairly easy to track campaign contributions to the 2000 gubernatorial and lieutenant-gubernatorial candidates in Mississippi from their Web site. They have a searchable database where you can find out who's donating to the campaigns of gubernatorial candidates Ronnie Musgrove and Mike Parker, and Lieutenant Governor candidates Amy Tuck and Sen. Bill Hawks.

    The Ledger has also run some analysis of the data of funds raised before August 3, 1999, including top contributors, the number of contributors over $200, $1000, $5000, average donation, and the top five donating states.

    The analysis was performed on datasets obtained from the Secretary of State's office. The Ledger's site also offers a link to the Secretary of State's office where you can download scanned in images of the original filing documents.

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