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Michigan's Money Flow

Michigan Secretary of State, Elections in Michigan
How information is available
  • Database searchable online
  • Search or index of scanned documents
  • Races it covers
    The database(s) include(s) campaign finance data for these offices
    • Statewide
      Lieutenant Governor
      Secretary of State
      Attorney General
      Member of the State Board of Education
      Member of the University of Michigan Board of Regents
      Member of the Michigan State Univ. Board of Trustees
      Member of the Wayne State Univ. Board of Governors
    • Legislative
      State Representative
      State Senator
    • Judicial
      Supreme Court Justice
      Court of Appeals Judge
      Circuit Court Judge
      District Court Judge
      Probate Court Judge
      District Probate Court Judge
      Recorder's Court Judge
      Municipal Court Judge
    • Other
      State Proposal
    Transaction types
    The database(s) include(s) these kinds of transactions:
    • Contributions
    • Transfers In
    • Debts and obligations
    Years it covers
    1997 - present