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Indiana's Money Flow

Indiana Secretary of State Election Division
How information is available
  • Database searchable online
  • Races it covers
    The database(s) include(s) campaign finance data for these offices
    • Statewide
      Lieutenant Governor
      Secretary of State
      Attorney General
      Superintendent of Public Instruction
      Auditor of State
      Treasurer of State
      Clerk of the Supreme Court
    • Legislative
      State Senate
      State House of Representatives
    Transaction types
    The database(s) include(s) these kinds of transactions:
    • Contributions
    • Expenditures
    • Debts owed by
    • Debts owed to
    for candidate committees (including exploratory committees), legislative caucus committees, PACs, and regular party committees
    Years it covers
    January 1, 1998 to present