To search quickly for state sites, visit the National Association of State Information Resource Executives.

Or, check out our links below, including brief descriptions of what you will find at each site.


From this page of the Secretary of State's web site, you can download filing guides, PAC and candidate financial summaries plus other campaign finance information.

The address for the Alabama Secretary of State's home page is

To read about the state's government, go to the AlaWeb-State Government Page.

The State of Alabama's home page has these categories: Government; Tourism; Education; Economy; All About...; What's New; Frequently Asked Questions; Index.

For an update about some election reforms proposed by the governor, go to The AlaWeb-Election Reform Overview 1996.

ALASKA This is the address for the Alaska Public Offices Commission in the Department of Administration. The commission is responsible for campaign disclosure, conflict of interest statements for public officials, legislative ethics, financial disclosure and lobbying laws.

To read more about the commission, view some APOC reporting forms and a directory of lobbyists and their employers, go to The Alaska Public Offices Commission. You can also browse through advisory opinions on questions from candidates to the commission.

Alaska's Division of Elections Web site is responsible for the planning and administration of statewide elections, as well as local and regional elections in the unorganized borough. Some of the topics on the page's index include: Frequently Asked Questions; Primary and General Elections; Election Results; Petitions and Regulations.

Information about the Executive Branch Ethics under the Department of Law is under construction, but the address for the page is

For an index of resources, go to: Alaska Division of Elections Index of Resources.

The State of Alaska home page links you to these state sites: Employee Directory; Services; Departments; Legislatures; Communities; Business; Jobs; Education; Site Search; Hypernews. You can also choose State News; the Governor's or Lt. Governor's pages; Facts About Alaska; Questions or Hot Topics.


The Arizona Secretary of State's office offers a campaign finance software package that tracks all transactions made by a registered State Political Committee (i.e. PAC or Candidate Committee). The secretary's phone number is (602) 542-8683.

Use to get to the Secretary of State's Web page.

Some of the items from the elections page include campaign finance, election results and election publications.

The address for the State of Arizona's web site is

Some of the categories on this page include the Elections Homepage, which has election results that can be downloaded, a corporations homepage and Newsreleases from the Secretary of State.

The State of Arkansas web site has information about its statewide elected officials and an Arkansas State Phone Directory.

(California Secretary of State - Official Home Page)

From the secretary's web site, you can read summaries about candidate and lobbying expenditures in California. There is also a lobbyist directory, plus several other helpful election links.

At the Ballot Initiative Qualification Update page, you can browse through ballot initiatives that have qualified or are currently being circulated for possible placement on the June 2, 1998 ballot.

To read about some of the secretary's initiatives on electronic filing of campaign finance reports, go to

The State of California's main web page's categories are: History & Culture; Travel & Vacations; Doing Business; Living & Learning; Working; Natural Resources; Your Government; Emergency Relief; Search & Indexes.

The Your Government page has these options: Your Elected Officials, California Courts, State Government Services & Agencies; Your Local Government; Voting & Elections; Laws, Codes, and Regulations.

Another site to check out is the California Voter Foundation . CVF is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. One of its missions is to enhance public disclosure through electronic filing.

(Colorado Department of State)

This Divisional Information page has brief information about elections in Colorado.

The Secretary of State's web site address is
The page has these topics: Commercial Recordings; Elections; Bingo & Raffles; Notary Public; Charitable Solicitations; Professional Lobbyists; Department of State Fees; Fair Campaign Practices Act.

State of Colorado Home Page

You can choose these options: Search; Frequently Asked Questions; What's New; Government; Visitor's Guide; Colorado Conditions; Education; Jobs; Groups and Organizations; Colorado Headlines; Business and Industry.

(State Elections Enforcement Commission)

The Secretary of State's election web page has information about campaign laws in Connecticut.
The address and phone number for the division are:

Election Services Division Secretary of State's Office 30 Trinity Street Hartford, CT 06106 Phone (860) 509-6100

(Department of Elections)

At the Department of Election's page, you can link to primary and general election results for the 1996 elections and 1997 elections.

For a list of state agencies, go to The State Agencies page.

The State of Delaware's web site address is Links include Government; the Governor's page; State Senators; and Legis Bill Search.


Florida Campaign Finance Database

At Florida's campaign finance web site, you can search through the state's detailed database of campaigns' financial records. The search allows you to specify and sort the categories you want to see. The page explains whose records are included and how to use the database; you can also link to explanations about campaign finance reporting.

The page is just one of the links at the Florida Department of State Elections Online site, the address for which is Go here for information about Candidates & Races, County Supervisors of Elections; Other Election Sources; Voter Information; Initiative Petitions; Laws & Procedures; Election Calendar; Past Elections; Committees; Frequent Questions; and Voting Systems.

For a detailed explanation of the duties of the Florida Department of State Division of Elections, go to This page is one of the links on the Florida Department of State's Division of Elections page. The others are Elections Online (explained above); Florida Administrative Weekly; Notary Public Access System; General Laws; Supervisors of Elections; Our Duties.

The Florida Department of State's web page address is Some of its categories are: Press Releases; Elections Online; Corporations Online; Gov't Info Locator; Cabinet Meetings; International Relations; Starting a Business; and Documents & Reports.


(About the Elections Division)

This page has a short description about the duties of the Elections Division. Go to The Elections Division to read more about these subjects: Voter Information Guide; Voting in the State of Georgia; Calendar of Election Events for 1998; Official Directory of Members of the U.S. Congress, State & County Officers; Georgia Election Results 1988-1996; Voter Registration Statistics; Secretary Massey Answers Questions About 1997 Elections; Search the Directory of County Officers; State Election Board Meeting.

The mailing address and phone numbers for the Elections Division is:

Elections Division
Secretary of State
Suite 1104, West Tower
#2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive,
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-1530.
Phone (404) 656-2871
FAX (404) 651-9531.

You can find information about businesses and search the medical board database from the secretary of state's page. Other topics on the page include: Administration Division; Elections Division; Capitol Tours & Georgia Capitol Museum; Press Office; South Georgia Satellite Office; Links to Other Sites of Interest; Corporations Division; Examining Boards Division; Georgia Department of Archives and History; Securities and Business Regulation Division; Search This Site ; Georgians Online.

The State of Georgia web site address is: From here you can access several dozen sites, including the legislature, state departments and the governor's home page.


Candidates in Hawaii file their state campaign finance reports with the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission.

The Commission's site has a campaign finance query system. Go to the Candidates Contribution and Expenditure Data page to search for expenditures and contributions.

For general information about contribution limits and to read about Hawaii's voluntary campaign expenditure limits (contributors to candidates who voluntary limit their expenditures may take tax deductions on their contributions), go to the General Information page.

The State Ethics Commission collects state personal financial reports and state lobby reports. The commission does not have a Web site, but its phone number in Honolulu is (808)/587-0460.

The Hawaii Office of Elections site has election results and absentee ballot information. Its address is

The Hawaii State Government Home Page address is


(Campaign Finance Information)

At Idaho's Campaign Finance Information page, you can look at reporting forms and also at samples of state campaign finance (sunshine) reports.

For contributions and expenditures to candidates and committees, go to the Campaign Finance Database .

At the Publications page you can look at the Idaho State Constitution and the Sunshine Law for Political Funds and Lobby Activity Disclosure.

For vote totals for specific races, go to the Election Results and Voting statistics page at (Elections Results).

The Idaho Secretary of State Election Division page has these categories: 1998 Election Calendar; Summary of Changes to Law Effective July 1, 1997; Voter Registration; Campaign Finance; 1998 Candidates, 1998 Initiatives and Constitutional Amendments; Elected Officials List; Lobbyists; Publications; 1996 Initiatives & Constitutional Amendments; Election Results; Other Election Information Sources.

The Secretary of State's web page has these topics: General Information; Corporation Division; Election Division; Idaho Blue Book; Trademark Division; Notary Division; UCC Division; State Emblems.

The State of Idaho's web page address is There are several options at this site, among them: Commissions, Councils and Boards; Counties; Government (at which you can do a keyword search); Judicial Branch; Legislative Branch; State Government Agencies; Internet Information Sources; Other Idaho Information and Other U.S. State Home Pages.

(State of Illinois-Board of Elections)

The Illinois Board of Elections page has an overview of campaign disclosure requirements in the state and also links to a calendar of disclosure filing dates. The page has these categories: About the Board; Register to Vote; Motor Voter; Current Elections Information; Public Information; What's Happening Elsewhere; and How to Contact Us.

To download campaign disclosure documents the candidates are required to file, go to

For an on-line order form for publications including A Guide to Lobbyist Registration and Reporting, the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act, and Lobbyist Rules, go to
The State of Illinois home page address is It has these categories: Agencies; Education; Communities; Tourism; Legislature; For Kids; plus updated news and information stories.

For a list of Internet links to Illinois government offices, go to

The Illinois Secretary of State's Web page, at has these categories: Online Motorist Information and Services; Features of Special Interest; Dedicated to Young People; New Programs and Services; Illinois State Archives; Find Information Faster; Illinois State Library; Secretary of State Info; and Service to Businesses. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page for the following Quick Menu links: What's New; Departments; Motorist Services; Illinois Libraries; Government Links; Gateway Index; Special Features; About the Secretary of State; Text-only Page.


(Indiana Election Commission)
At the Indiana Election Commission (a division of the Secretary of State) page, you can read about campaign finance in Indiana and elections and voter registration.

To search for general information from candidates' and PACs' campaign finance filing statements, plus find answers to common questions, go to the Campaign Finance page. It has these categories: Guide to Indiana PACs; 1994 Finance Data for Indiana Political Committees; Campaign Finance Reporting Schedule; Campaign Finance Database for Indiana for 1996; Campaign Finance Manual; and Common Questions About Indiana's Campaign Finance Laws for Candidates & Candidate Committees.

At the Indiana State Ethics Commission page, you can read about this state agency, the purpose of which is to "promote the ethical conduct of state officers and employees." The agency keeps financial disclosure statements required of elected officials and certain state employees. The commission's main address is

The state has a main web page. The page has a keyword search. It also has these categories: Indiana Government; What's New; Business & Professional; Community Nets; Press Releases; General Interest; Top 10 Pages; Internet Tools; Grant, Loans, Scholarships; Meetings & Agendas.


(Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board)

This board is an independent state agency whose mission is to monitor and enforce compliance with Iowa Code. The page says the agency is in the final phase of testing campaign software for record keeping and electronic filing into the agency database.

The board's address and phone number are:
514 East Locust, Suite 104
Des Moines, IA 50309-1912
Phone (515) 281-4028

For Iowa Election Information, go to The page lists candidates and also election winners. The page is one of the categories for the Secretary of State's web site. Other categories in the secretary's page are: Recent Media Releases; Corporation Fee Schedule; Iowa Small Business; Iowa Official Register (Redbook); and 1996 General Election Totals.

The Iowa League of Women Voters is "experimenting with the electronic distribution of information about voting and government in general." To read more about this project, go to

For links to the executive, legislative and judicial branches, go to Functional Iowa List: Branches and Departments.

The State of Iowa's web site address is The categories are: Governor's Welcome; Business; Tourism; Education; Government; Jobs; Iowa Profiles; Iowa Internet Links; Guest Book.

(Campaign Finance Data)

From this page, you can look through Quick Statistics (shows total contributions to a candidate); Itemized Statistics (shows individual contributions to a candidate); Lists of Candidates; or Lists of Contributors (shows lists of contributors).

To read about the Kansas Commission on Governmental Standards and Conduct, go to The commission "is charged with administering, interpreting and enforcing the Campaign Finance Act and laws relating to conflict of interest, financial disclosure and the regulation of lobbying."

At the Secretary of State's page, you can choose Elections; Advance Vote; Voter Info; Brochure; Filing Info; Facts; Download; FVAP; Kids Voting; or KS Press.

From the State of Kansas web page you can search the index of services or select one of these categories: Government; Kid's Net; Professional; Business & Commerce; Education; Other Kansas Sites. Choose the Government site if you would like to see an index of state agencies.


(Kentucky Registry of Election Finance)

The Kentucky Registry of Election Finance administers and enforces the laws regulating the financing of state and local elections. From this page, you can choose Registry Board Members; Legal References; Advisory Opinions; Registry Guides and Brochures; Frequently Asked Questions; New Items of Interest; Kentucky State Board of Elections; Kentucky Secretary of State; and Other Related Sites.

The address and phone number for the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance are:
Kentucky Registry of Election Finance
140 Walnut Street
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (502) 573-2226
Fax (502) 573-5622

The Kentucky State Board of Elections (which administers the election laws of the state and supervises voter registration) has these topics: State Board Members; County Clerks in KY; Past Election Results; Legal Reference; KY Registry of Election Finance; KY Voter Info Guide; Kentucky Secretary of State; Other Related Sites; Find Your Legislators By County; and Motor Voter Registration Stats. The address is

The address and phone numbers for the Kentucky State Board of Elections are:
Kentucky State Board of Elections
140 Walnut Street
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone (502) 573-7100
Fax (502) 573-4369

From the Kentucky Secretary of State's Election Section page, you can view Election Calendars and Election Schedule and Information. The phone number for the secretary's office is (502) 564-3490.

At the Commonwealth of Kentucky's site, you can choose to link to several different pages, including an alphabetical list of Kentucky's agencies.


(Louisiana Ethics Administration Program)

The Louisiana Ethics Administration Program page has several useful sites. Choose Campaign Finance to view the reports for statewide elected candidates.

Go to the Lawa page for the Code of Governmental Ethics, the Campaign Finance Disclosure Act and the Lobbyist Disclosure Act.

The publication page includes the current issue of the agency's quarterly newsletter

The address and phone number for the Louisiana Board of Ethics and the Supervisory Committee for Campaign Finance are:

8401 United Plaza Blvd., Suite 200
Baton Rouge, LA 70809-7017
Phone (504) 922-1400
Fax (504) 922-1414

From Louisiana's web page you can choose these topics: Search; Governor; Lt. Governor; Legislature; Judiciary; State Departments; Local Government; Tourism; Jobs; Education; Louisiana Profiles; For Students Only; What's New.

The State Departments page lists and will link you to the home pages for Louisiana's departments, including the Secretary of State.

Parts of the Secretary of State's redesigned home page are still under construction, including the Elections & Commissions page. The site, when completed, will include a page titled Archived Election Results and Elections Inquiry Page and also a List of 1997 Regular Session Bills Which Have Been Signed By the Governor.


For election information in Maine, go to

The Secretary of State's home page is From here you can link to the secretary's press releases.

The State of Maine's home page address is From the Maine Government category, you can link to: Governor's Office; State Agencies; Legislature; Judicial Branch; Congressional Delegation; Quasi-State Agencies; and Telephone Numbers. The page also has a What's New category and a Cities and Towns category.


Maryland State Administrative Board of Election Laws

For information about elections in Maryland, go to this site, which is the address for the
Maryland State Administrative Board of Election Laws. The members of this board are appointed by the governor to, among other duties, audit candidates' financial reports.

To read about disclosures required by persons doing business with the State of Maryland, go to Public Disclosure: State of Maryland, Secretary of State Home.

In 1996, the Commission to Revise the Election Code began. The Commission is to review and propose revisions to "the elections process, the conduct of elections, and the integration of computer technology into the administration of elections." The final report to the governor and the General Assembly is due Dec. 31, 1997.

The State of Maryland home page address is: The links on this page are: Governor's Office; General Assembly; Judiciary; Tourism; Getting Things Done in Maryland; State Government; State Agencies, Boards and Commissions; Federal; Counties; Cities & Towns; Community Networks; Business; Education; and SAILOR.

The State Agencies page at includes a list of links to all of the state's agencies.

The address for the Secretary of State's page is

From the Elections Division page you can find voting information, election results, election dates, congressional district maps and Massachusetts party trends.

The page is part of the secretary of the commonwealth's site, the address for which is

THe office of Campaign and Political Finance oversees campaign finance reports for state and county candidates. It does not have a web page, but the address and phone number are as follows:

Office of Campaign and Political Finance
One Ashburton Place, Room 411
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 727-8352
1-800/462-OCPF (toll free in state)

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has these categories: What's New; Agencies (lists branches of government); Services; Reference Shelf; Transactions; and Commonwealth Communities.

(Michigan Department of State Online)

In Michigan, the Secretary of State oversees elections. This page contains a Bureau of Elections link at which you can look at candidate election results, voter registration information, campaign finance information and lobbyist registration. The Campaign Finance link includes a category titled "Hard to Find PACs." The address for the page is

The Michigan State government page address is One area regularly updated is Michigan Government News.


(Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure)

The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board (formerly the Ethical Practice Board) states that its mission is "to promote public confidence in state government decision making through the development and administration of disclosure, public financing, and enforcement programs which will ensure public access to information filed with the Board." From here you can link to pages with information about campaign finance, lobbying and the Ethics in Government Act. You can also read through some advisory opinions.

To read a reprint of the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board Section of the Minnesota Guidebook to State Agencies, go to Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board General Program Information. It includes information about public subsidies, lobbyist registration, gift prohibition and includes a list of which officials are required to file statements of economic interest.

For general information about state government, go to the North Star Minnesota Government Information and Services page. Its address is The categories on this page are: Constitutional Offices; Legislative Branch; State Agencies; Judicial Branch; Boards, Commissions; Education; Libraries; Local Government; Other Public Institutions; Federal and Other Services.

The Secretary of State's web page address is: This page has general election information.

(Secretary of State's Election Page)

Links include: Campaign Finance Disclosure; Election Officials Training; and Certifying Election Results. The Lobbyist Registration and Reporting link is finished.

The main home page for the Secretary of State is You can choose from the following topics: Elections; Personnel; Public Lands; Business Services; Policy & Administration; Toll-free Numbers; Important Links; and Electronic Filing.

The address and phone number for the secretary's office are:

Secretary of State Eric Clark
P.O. Box 136
Jackson, MS 39205-0136
Switchboard: (601) 359-1350
Fax (601) 359-1499

The Elections Hotline toll-free number is (800) 829-6786

The address for the Mississippi Ethics Commission is Eight members serve on the commission, which was established November 1979. One of the commission's duties is to provide forms for public officials and candidates to make their financial disclosures, and to make the completed forms available for the public to inspect. For information about who is required to file a Statement of Economic Interest, go to Mississippi Ethics Commission.

The address and phone number are:

Mississippi Ethics Commission
P.O. Box 22746
Jackson, MS 39225-2746
Phone (601) 359-1285
Fax (601) 354-6253


(Missouri Ethics Commission)

This commission is "charged with enforcement of conflict of interest and lobbying laws and campaign finance disclosure laws." Composed of six members, the commission investigates complaints and has the authority to initiate judicial proceedings on its own or refer the complaints to the appropriate authority.

Its address and phone number are:

Missouri Ethics Commission
221 Metro Dr., P.O. Box 1254
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone (573) 751-2020

For other commissions in Missouri, go to which is a page in the Office of Administration's web site.

The Missouri State Government Web Page has links to the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Branch and Executive Departments.

The address for the Secretary of State's web page is To view election returns, go to Elections Returns.

For an explanation of the secretary's responsibilities regarding elections, go to Elections. This page has these categories: Missouri Voting and Elections; Missouri Election Returns; County Clerks/Election Officials; 2001 Missouri Election Calendar; Upcoming Special Elections; 2002 Missouri Election Calendar.

The secretary's Links to Information Across America page is especially useful to quickly navigate to other state election sites.


Election & Voter Registration Information

This page is part of the Secretary of State's web site. From the election page you can choose three categories: Official Election Results; Voter Registration Card; and Election Administrators.

The secretary of state's address is The page has these links: About the Secretary of State & Agency; Election & Voter Registration Information; 1997 Montana Legislative Roster; Administrative Rules of Montana; Business Services & Forms; The Capitol Restoration Fund; Recommended Web Links; and Contacting the Secretary of State.

For a list of state departments and agencies, go to the Government page.

The State of Montana home page includes these categories: Travel Montana; Government; Education; Employment; Montana Conditions; Around the State; and What's New.


Election Administration web page

This page, which is part of the Secretary of State's web site, has the following categories: Statewide General Election Results; Statewide Primary Election Results; General Election Results By County; Primary Election Results By County; Registered Voters for Primary election in Nebraska; Registered Voters for General Election in Nebraska; Voter Turnout for Primary Election; Voter Turnout for General Election; Filing Information for State and Federal Candidates; How to Use the Initiative and Referendum Process; Election Calendar; and County Clerks List.

The Secretary of State's web page address is The categories for the Secretary of State Functions are: Election Administration; Notary Division; Corporate and UCC; Private Detective Licensing; Collection Agency Licensing; Debt Management Licensing.

The address and phone number for the Elections Division of the Nebraska are:

Suite 2300
State Capitol
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone (402) 471-3229
Fax (402) 471-3237


(Nevada's Secretary of State)

This is the address for the secretary of state's web page. To link directly to the Election Info page, go to

The other categories on the secretary's page are: Press Releases; What's New; Corporations, Limited Partnerships, & Other Business Entities; Notaries Public; Securities; Uniform Commercial Code; Requesting Forms; Secretary of State Bio; and Nevada State Flag.

The State of Nevada's home page has these general categories: Doing Business in Nevada; Education and Educational Resources; Tourism and Recreation; Office of the Governor; Elected Officials; Conservation and Natural Resources; Healthy Nevada; Areas of Special Interest/Newest Additions.

For a Listing of Agencies and Services, go to Some of the links have not been finalized, including the Ethics Commission page. The page does list these phone numbers:

Within the state of Nevada, call (800) 992-0900
For Las Vegas residents to Carson City call (toll free) 486-3000
All other locations outside of Nevada call (702) 687-5000


State of New Hampshire 1996 Election Results

From this page you can check election returns for the 1996 elections.

For a list of state government subjects available on the Internet, go to New Hampshire State Government Information by Subject. The elections information address is the one listed above.

For a list of state agencies that provide information on the Internet, go to WEBSTER: The New Hampshire State Government Online Information Center.

The New Hampshire State Government web page ("Webster") address is It has the following categories: State Government; NH Facts; Local Government; Business & Organizations; Highlights.


(Election Law Enforcement Commission)

According to its web page, this commission's responsibilities include administering the disclosure acts required of various elected officials.

The site has these categories: General Information; Publications, Reports, and News Releases; Legal Resources; Contribution Limits; General Overview of Filing Requirements For Candidates, Parties, PACs, Legislative Agents, & Lobbyists; Help for Candidates, Parties, PACs, Legislative Agents, & Lobbyists; Reporting Dates.

At the publications site at, you can look at and order from a list of white papers the commission has produced. One paper is titled, "Trends in Legislative Campaign Financing: 1977-1987; another is "State Parties and Legislative Leadership Committees: An Analysis 1994-1995."

The mailing address and phone number for the commission are:

New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission
P.O. Box 185
Trenton, NJ 08625-0185
Phone: (609) 292-8700

To read about the duties of the Department of State's Division of Elections, go to The page has these categories: Dates to Remember; Board of Election Offices; 1997 Primary Results; and 1997 General Election List of Candidates.

Its address and phone numbers are:
Division of Elections
20 West State Street
P.O. Box 304
Trenton, NJ 08625-0304
General Information Phone: (609) 292-3760
Fax: (609) 777-1280

The Department of State's web page address is:

The address and phone numbers are:

State of New Jersey
Department of State
Office of the Secretary
P.O. Box 300
Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone (609) 777-0884
Fax (609) 292-9897

For a list of New Jersey departments and agencies, go to:

The address for the State of New Jersey home page is: Its categories are: What's New at this Site; Office of the Governor; Of Special Interest; Government in Action; Other Links; and Search This Site.


(NM Secretary of State)

Part of the Secretary of State's office, the Bureau of Elections web page has information on the 1994 and 1996 general elections, constitutional amendments, a bill locator, governor's proclamations, voter information, a roster of elected officials and voter registration information.

The Secretary of State's web page address is It has these links: General Information; Bureau of Elections; Ethics Division; Official Candidate List; Operations Division; and Other Sites.

The Ethics Division page has information about lobbyists. From here, you can search an alphabetical list of lobbyists to see for whom they work. The page has these categories: Am I a Lobbyist?; Highlights of the Lobbyist Regulation Act; Full Text of the Lobbyist Regulation Act; Index of Lobbyists (130k+); Index of Organizations Represented by Lobbyists (130k+); and a Complete Lobbyist List.

The address and phone number for the Secretary of State are:
Lamy Building, Room 423
Santa Fe, NM 87503

Administration (505) 827-3600

Bureau of Elections phone numbers are:
Lobbyist Registration (505) 827-3600
Campaign Reports (505) 827-3600
Legislative Session Laws (505) 827-3600

For a list of other government sites, go to Categories include Government Sites; Tourism Sites; National Labs; Colleges & Universities; and High School and Middle Schools.

For a list of New Mexico's Government Information by Agency, go to


(Campaign Finance Disclosure Records)
Campaign Financial Disclosure Records - Public Access Procedures

This page outlines information about how to obtain campaign financial disclosure records. The phone number for the campaign finance office is (518) 474-8200. The toll-free number within New York is (800) 458-3453.

For more information about elections in New York, go to The page has these categories: Register to Vote; Campaign Finance Information; Election Laws in New York State; Election Facts, Figures and Statistics; County Boards of Elections; and State Board of Elections Home Page.

The address for the New York State Board of Elections home page is From this page, you can read about dates and deadlines; rules about who can vote and how to register; election results; information about elected officials; and links to other pages related to elections. There is also a category called Agency Information, which includes a brief description about the Board of Elections' board members, office staff and mission statement.

The address for New York State's home page is Its categories are: the Governor; Citizens Access to Government; Tourism; and Empire State Development.

For a Subject Listing of New York State Government Information, go to

The Board of Elections for the City of New York has an official website. Its address is The categories on its main page are: Register; Dates; Polls; Candidates; Results; Ads; E-mail; Links; Frequently Asked Questions; Use the Power; and Voter Enrollment.

The address and phone numbers for the board are:

New York City Board of Elections
32 Broadway, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Phone: (212) 487-5300


North Carolina State Board of Elections

In North Carolina, the State Board of Elections is charged with the overall responsibility for administering the elections process and campaign finance disclosure.

Its web site includes information about these topics: Directory of North Carolina Elections Officials; Voter Registration; Campaign Reporting Office; Election Results. The board also makes available on the web some of its newsletters and campaign reporting manuals.

The address and phone number for the board are:

State Board of Elections
P.O. Box 2169
Raleigh, NC 27602-2169
Phone (919) 733-7173
Fax (919) 715-0135

The address for the Campaign Reporting Information page is Here you can read about basic requirements and procedures and statutes governing campaign reporting.

The Secretary of State's web site address is: Some of the topic headings include Lobbyist Registration Section (includes 1997 lobbyist listing) and the Uniform Commercial Code Section. You can also link to the North Carolina Constitution and look at the 1997 Directory of the State and County Officials of North Carolina.

The state's web page address is Included are these subjects: Public Info; Business Info; NC Employees; Education; the Top Ten Most Popular Sites in the State; a Search engine; Agency List; and Help.

For information about cities in North Carolina, go to

(Information for Candidates)

This page includes information about the Ohio's new campaign finance law and it also includes the Campaign Finance Reporter Newsletter. Other topics are: 1997 Candidate Requirements; Campaign Finance Reporting Deadlines; Campaign Finance Publications Available; Who to Contact for Candidate and Campaign Finance Information; and Administrative Rules.

For a list of Ohio Elections Commission members, go to

The address and phone number for the commission are:

Ohio Elections Commission
21 W. Broad Street, Suite 600
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone (614) 466-3205

The Secretary of State's web page address is: It has these categories: Official Election Results; About the Secretary of State's Office; Voter Registration Information; News Releases and Other Communication; Elections Information; Information for Candidates; Business Services Information; Employment Opportunities.

You can find the State of Ohio web site at Its categories are: Executive Branch (including Agencies by Name); Judicial Branch; Legislative Branch; and Information by Topic.


(Oklahoma Ethics Commission)

The Oklahoma Ethics Commission first met in 1991. Its homepage states that it is the repository for state and county campaign registrations/reports and personal financial disclosure statements, as well as state lobbying registration and reports.

The page has these subjects: Meet Our Commissioners; Meet Our Staff; Ethics Bulletin; Last Minute Contribution List.

The address and phone numbers for the commission are:

Oklahoma Ethics Commission
Room B-5, State Capitol Building
2300 North Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone (405) 521-3451
Fax (405) 521-4905
e-mail address:

The address for the Oklahoma State Election Board's web site is: The board functions as the administrative agency for the conduct of state elections and the oversight of the state's 77 county election boards.

The page has these subjects: Election Board Information; Voter Registration Information; Absentee Voting; Elected Officials; 1996 State Election Results; and 1997 Election Information.

At the Oklahoma State Government Information Server, you can find News From the Capitol and an Alphabetical List of All State Agency Home Pages. The address is Also included are these subject headings: State & U.S. Capitol; Budget, Revenue & Pension; Arts, Tourism & Recreation; Commerce & Employment; Transportation, Public Safety & Agriculture; Education, Science & Technology; Regulatory & Central Service Agencies; Health & Human Services; and Miscellaneous, Other Points of Interest.


(Oregon Secretary of State, Elections Division)

The election's division page has information about Oregon's vote-by-mail initiative, plus historical statewide information and information about elections officials.

The Secretary of State's web site address is From this page, you can link to these topics: Archives Division; Audits Division; Corporation Division; Elections Division; Executive Office; What's New; About the Office of the Secretary of State; Oregon Blue Book On-Line Edition; Employment Opportunities; and Site Statistics.

For information about the role of the Elections Division in the Secretary of State's office, go to Office of the Secretary of State.

Another of the secretary's pages concerning elections is the Executive Office page. Its address is Here you can find current and archived press releases. From there, you can go to the Oregon Election Information page.

The Oregon Blue Book is also on-line. The address is Here you can link to the Elections and Records page.

The State of Oregon On-line web site address is It has these subjects: Government; Community; Commerce; Education; and Info.


(Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation)

This bureau administers functions related to the election process, including campaign expense reporting, voter registration, absentee balloting, candidate requirements and election legislation.

The page has information about the Pennsylvania Voter Registration Act. It also states that "1996 could also bring about the computerizations of the state's campaign expense unit," and that Gov. Tom Ridge has proposed "modernizing the unit so that campaign expense reports can be filed on diskette with the bureau."

The Department of State's address is The governor appoints the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The categories on this page are: Primary '97 Election; Governor's Message; Media Inquiries; 1995 Dept. Profile; History of the Dept.; Secretary Kane; Mission Statement; Staff Biographies; History of the PA Seal; and What's New.

The State Ethics Commission web site address is Among other duties, this office oversees the filing of Financial Interests Statement forms that candidates, certain gubernatorial appointees and state officials must file. The page's categories are: Who Is Covered; Restricted Activities; Publications; Regulations; Filing a Statement; Filing a Complaint; Requesting an Opinion; Staffing and Restrictions; Opinion summary; Order Summary; Budget; and Statistics.

The commission has two offices, the addresses and phone numbers for which are listed below.

Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission
309 Finance Building
P.O. Box 11470
Harrisburg, PA 17108-1470
Phone (717) 783-1610
Fax (717) 787-0806

Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission
One Forestwood Drive
Suite 202
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone (412) 565-2433
Fax (412) 565-5513

The address for the Pennsylvania State Government page is|30107|. The page lists executive branch offices, state agencies, boards and commissions, other state related agencies, budget, regulations, plus the legislative branch and judicial branch.

The address for the state's web site is



The Rhode Island Board of Elections oversees all elections and state/local referenda in Rhode Island. It also administers the provisions of the Rhode Island campaign contribution and expenditures and reporting act and matching public funds and state vendor programs.

The page lists the board's major responsibilities, division heads and address, which is:

Rhode Island Board of Elections
50 Branch Ave.
Providence, RI 02904-2790
Phone (401) 277-2345
Fax (401) 621-3255

For a biography of the Secretary of State and a brief description of his major responsibilities, go to

The secretary's main Public Information Kiosk page at has these categories: State Officials; Legislative Info; RI Elections; State Departments & Quasi Public Agencies; First Stop Business Information Center; State Links; State House Tour; and RI History.

The address for the secretary's election page is

Another page on the kiosk is the State Departments & Quasi Public Agencies page at . From here you can link to the Ethics Commission Home Page, the address for which is This page has advisory opinions by name and subject for 1995 and 1996, plus current and proposed codes.

South Carolina

(State Ethics Commission)

The Ethics Commission establishes rules for election campaign finance practices. This page has a one-paragraph description of the commission's responsibilities, plus a list of the commission members. The commission's address is:

State Ethics Commission
5000 Thurmond Mall (The Pavilion), Suite 250
P.O. Box 11926
Columbia, SC 29211

For a one-page explanation of the duties of the State Elections Commission, which is responsible for operating South Carolina's system of Central Voter Registration, go to

For the topics that have links from the Election Commission's home page, go to The topics are: State Election Commission; Voter Registration in South Carolina; Voting in South Carolina; Vote '97 - House and Senate Special Elections; So...You Want To Be A Candidate?; SC Voting and Registration Statistics; More SC Voting Information; Other Sources of Information.

You can find the state government information page at Two of the most helpful topics are State Agencies and Boards and Commissions. The other topics are: Elected Officials; Legislature; Federal Resources; Congressional Delegates; Judicial Branch; State Telephone Directory; Other State Governments; SC Government Jobs; Government Organizations; Cities; Regional Council of Governments; and Counties.

To link to a list of state agencies, go to

The State of South Carolina's web site address is The subjects on this page are: What's New on the South Carolina Home Page; The Governor's Office Home Page; Government in the Palmetto State; History; Commerce & Tourism; Education; Network & Information Services; South Carolina State Jobs on the WWW; Phone Numbers for SC State Government; The South Carolina Information Resources Council; and Other Interesting Information.


(South Dakota Secretary of State)

This is the web site with the most information about campaigns and elections in South Dakota. It lists the duties of the secretary and has a list of lobbyists registered in the state. There is also the category Elections Information, which includes the subtopics 1998 Election Information; Information on the Election Process; Election Information, Returns and Registration Numbers From Past Elections; and Campaign Finance Report Summaries.

To link to the page describing Campaign Finance Reporting Guidelines, go to

South Dakota's state web page address is

The address for the government's page is The page is divided into three categories: Elected Offices (including the Secretary of State); Departments; and Executive Offices.


Department of State, Division of Elections

The Elections Division page has these categories: Elections Division; County Election Commissions; Candidate Qualifying; State Election Commission; Voter Registration.

From the Secretary of State's web page, at, you can go to the Tennessee Elections page. The secretary's page has these additional categories: About the Secretary of State; General Information; Tennessee Blue Book; Tennessee Business Services; Tennessee State Library & Archives; and Important Telephone Numbers.

The address and phone numbers for the secretary are:

Tennessee Department of State
Division of Elections
Suite 500, James K. Polk State Office Building
Nashville, TN 37243-0309
Phone (615) 741-7956
Fax (615) 741-1278

To search the State of Tennessee web site, go to

From the Governor's Welcome page, at, you can link to the Executive Branch; the Legislative Branch; or the Judicial Branch. The governor also has several pages of his own links.


Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission "serves as a repository of required disclosure statements for state officials, candidates, and lobbyists and, consequently, is a clearinghouse of information for public and press inquires." It also oversees financial disclosure of elected and appointed officers and top level executive branch administrators.

From the home page, there are options for filing schedules, forms and instructions, statutes, commission rules, advisory opinions, commissioners, PAC and lobby lists, delinquent filers, newsletters and other publications, meeting and agendas, and files for downloading.

The address and phone number are:

201 E. 14th Street
Sam Houston Building, 10th Floor
Austin, TX 78701
Ph: (512) 462-5800 and (800) 325-8506
Fax: (512) 463-5777


PO Box 12887
Austin, TX 78711-2887

The Secretary of State oversees elections. The Elections page has options for forms, voter registration, laws and procedures, calendars and returns. The page has these links: Upcoming Elections, Election Results; Early Voting; County Officials; Project V.O.T.E.; Election Forms; State and District Elected Officials; Voter Registration; Laws and Procedures; Other Election Sources.

Choosing "Other Election Sources" will bring you to a page with options to choose information on the federal, state and local levels. There is a link to the Texas Ethics Commission here.


Election Division
(State of Utah Elections Division)

The Election Division is under the direction of the lieutenant governor.
Mailing address:
State of Utah Elections Division
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Salt Lake City, UT 84114.
Questions can be directed to (801) 538-1041.

The division's home page has links to pages on "Candidates" and "PAC, PIC & Lobbyist Information." The candidates page at has options for filing dates and fees, financial reporting requirements for candidates, and a section frequently asked questions. There are some answers to questions such as becoming a candidate for federal and state executive and legislative positions and contributions. A list of candidates reporting to the state and their disclosure forms are available by contacting the office by phone. A list of publications is also on the site.

The PAC, PIC & Lobbyist pages consists mainly of definitions of terms and general information such as due dates for disclosure forms. There is a section referring to a link to an index of groups registered in the state.

The division also has links to information on candidates, voter registration, election dates, parties and candidates.


Secretary of State
(Vermont Secretary of State)

The Secretary of State's site provides access to lobbyist databases at You can search for lobbyist name, lobbyist employers, and reported gifts to legislators and officials. You must have the exact spelling of the lobbyist's name to search. There are also searchable databases on election results and business registries available through this page.

Secretary of State's office page can be found at
Mailing address:

109 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05609-1101
E-mail addresses and links are available from this page.

From, you can access lists of officials and election results and candidates.

From TheVermont State Archives Page you can information on archived materials, including election records.


Secretary of Commonwealth

The Secretary of Commonwealth is responsible for lobbyist information. Request the information by calling or writing.
The Honorable Anita A. Rimler
Secretary of Commonwealth
Old Finance Building
Richmond, VA 23219

Ph: (804) 786-2441
Fax: (804) 371-0017

The state home page at has a search function that turned up the State Board of Elections.


Elections Division

The Elections Division is under the Secretary of State's office.
Contact info:
Office of the Secretary of State
Elections Division
Legislative Building
PO Box 40220
Olympia, WA 98504-0220
Ph: (360) 902-0220
Voter hotline: (800) 448-4881

From its web page, you can access ballot measures, calendars, statistics on voter participation, information on auditors, parties, campaign finance/disclosures, and candidate filing procedures. The campaign finance and disclosure information page has information on disclosure requirements and contact information on federal and state candidates:

Federal Election Commission
Public Records Office
999 E. Street NW, 1st Floor
Washington, DC 20463
Fax: (202) 219-3880
FlashFax: (202) 501-3413
The Internet information at links to that site.

Washington State Public Disclosure Commission
7111 Capital Way, Room 403
PO Box 40908
Olympia, WA 98504-0908
Ph: (360) 753-1111
Fax: (360) 753-1112
The Internet information at links to the University of Washington's site. Files (on candidate reports, lobbyists, political committees and more) can be downloaded from this site.


West Virginia State Main Page

The state's home page links to the State Election Commission's page at From, you can download forms and publications from this site. It tells which campaign finance information is available (state and county political party executive committees, PACs active on multi-county/statewide level, federal PACs giving money to state PACs or party committees); office hours, what information is available over the phone (total contributions/expenditures, who has/hasn't filed, contact information on committee treasurers, Q&A on finance issues); and copy. From, you can get election statistics, lists of clerks and general information. About the SEC gives general information on the State Election Commission.

Building 1, Suite 157-K
1900 Kanawha Blvd., E.
Charleston, WV 25305-0770
Ph: (304) 558-6000
Fax: (304) 558-0900

(State of Wisconsin)

This is the address for the State of Wisconsin's web page. It covers these topics: Wisconsin State Agencies; The Wisconsin Legislature; Public Education in Wisconsin; Federal Government sites; Local Government & Community Sites; General Statewide Information; Directory Information; Tourism Information; About Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Elections Board can be found at


Election Administration

The Election Administration is under the Secretary of State's office. This page has links to pages on election results, ballot issues, forms, PAC, party information, state legislators and committees, voter registration and systems, blue book, county clerks and election statutes. Forms can be downloaded from Wyoming Election Information. Wyoming Election Information has a list of PACs and contact names, phone numbers, and addresses.

Contact information:
Diana J. Ohman, Secretary of State
State Capitol Building
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Ph: (307) 777-7378
Fax: (307) 777-6217