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This search engine allows you to track the political cash flow across several states in federal and state races. It includes who gives what to which candidates (contributions), as well as how the candidates spend some of their donations (expenditures). In some cases, it includes money flow to and from political action committees (PACS), candidate committees and party committees.

All you need to conduct the initial search is the last name of the person, either contributor or candidate. If you have it, also type in the first name. Type these in first name/last name order, such as John Huang.

  • Narrow your search with additional criteria
  • View a quick tutorial to better understand the results
  • Examine some inconsistencies in the database
  • Other searches
    • Federal Contracts Database
      Search for federal contracts awarded to a particular business. This is a great place to start when looking at contracts awarded to companies in your area, or work being performed there.
    • State campaigns
      Find information available about each state's campaign finances that has been pulled together from several sources.

    Our supporters
    The center is supported by grants from The Joyce Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Based in Chicago, one of The Joyce Foundation's missions is to refine the system for funding state and federal election campaigns. The center is a part of their Money and Politics program.