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What's in here?
In 2000, the federal government let more than $200 billion in contracts, so how much are companies in your area getting? This online lookup is one way to find out. Enter the name of the company you're interested in, and the database will return any matching contract actions between fiscal year 1992 and 2000.

What can I find?
The database includes details such as amount awarded to that business, the work involved and what type of solicitation process was involved. By looking at the "place of performance" field, you can see what jobs are taking place with federal money in your community. You will also eventually be able to connect the company to campaign contributions it made to federal candidates and in some states for which data was available. See the record layout.

What should I be careful of?
Always verify the information through other sources and check for any updates since this data was recorded. IRE has gone to great lengths to verify the accuracy of the data, but inaccuracies are unavoidable.

Where can I go from here?
This is just a starting point. Because of space limitations, only a portion of the entire database is online. The entire dataset is available for purchase through the NICAR database library.

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