Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
The Reporters Committee has put its "Tapping Official Secrets" on-line. The booklet offers the FOI rules and regulations for all states in an easy question and answer format. This site also offers a fill-in-the-blank FOI request letter generator.

National Freedom of Information Coalition
NFOIC has pages devoted to the FOI rules and regulations for each state. The site tells what items are exempt from each state's open records and open meetings laws. It also offers links to each state's constitution.

Society of Professional Journalists FOIA Resources
SPJ reports the latest public information wins and losses in each state. The site also includes tips on filing FOI letters.

ACLU's Step-by-Step Guide to Using the FOIA
The ACLU provides an easy-to-follow guide that takes readers through every step in the process of filing an FOI letter.

Freedom of Information Center - UM Columbia
This site, brought to you by the Freedom of Information Center at the University of Missouri, provides a full text version of the Electronic Freedom of Information Act and includes news updates and analysis of FOIA battles being fought across the country. This site also contains links to other helpful FOI sites.

Resources on FOI Issues
Professor Barbara Croll Fought at The Newhouse School at Syracuse University has compiled this list of FOI resources. This extensive run down of resources includes lists of organizations and resource centers, hotlines, periodicals, books and booklets and Internet mailing lists and newsletters.

Freedom of Information Clearinghouse
This site provides highlights and summaries of the Electronic Freedom of Information Act and a history of legal fights over public information. This site, created by the Public Citizen Litigation Group, also provides a guide to making FOIA requests and appeals.