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State's House freshmen lead foes in funding

Figures released for 3 Democrats

By Estella Duran, Globe Correspondent, 07/16/98

ASHINGTON - The three House freshmen from Massachusetts are leading their opponents comfortably in fund-raising for the November elections.

The three Democratic incumbents, Representatives William D. Delahunt of Quincy, John F. Tierney of Salem, and James P. McGovern of Worcester, continued to outpace their Republican rivals in the second quarter of the year, according to Federal Election Commission reports that lawmakers released yesterday.

Yesterday was the deadline to file the reports, which reflect each candidate's fund-raising from April 1 to June 30.

Delahunt raised $75,988 in the quarter, pushing his total for the year to $125,458. His campaign had $300,371 in the bank on June 30.

Delahunt's Republican foe, Eric V. Bleicken of Yarmouth, could not be reached. However, Bleicken's FEC report for the first quarter, ended March 31, reflected little fund-raising activity and showed he had only $183 on hand.

McGovern raised $221,711 in the second quarter, a substantial increase from the $145,647 he had collected in the first quarter. As of June 30, his campaign had $397,847 in the bank.

McGovern's Republican opponent, state Senator Matthew J. Amorello of Grafton, raised $127,053 from April through June, boosting his total for the year to $189,963. Amorello reported that he had $118,727 on hand.

Tierney released his FEC report Tuesday, indicating he raised $246,059 during the second quarter. He had $389,470 cash in hand.

Tierney's opponent, Danvers Republican Peter G. Torkildsen, who lost to Tierney in 1996 by a slim margin, had raised only $123,565 during the reporting period. He had $67,641 in cash at the end of June.

Meanwhile, Representative J. Joseph Moakley, a South Boston Democrat who is unopposed, reported raising $224,073 during the three-month period, giving him $419,898 to work with at the end of June.

Also, Representative Edward J. Markey, a Malden Democrat, raised $57,910 in the quarter and reported collecting $130,957 so far this year. Markey, who also is unopposed, had a war chest of $757,321.

Leominster Republican Gary Morgan, who is running against Representative John W. Olver, a Democrat from Pittsfield, also disclosed his FEC report yesterday. Morgan raised $8,000 from April through June, nudging his total for the year to $13,600. He reported he had only $3,000 cash on hand.

Olver, who released his report on Tuesday, raised $107,598 during the second quarter, and he reported he had $308,550 in cash left in his campaign coffers.

This story ran on page A07 of the Boston Globe on 07/16/98.
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