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Clinton and Schwartz
President Clinton greets Democratic donor Bernard Schwartz, head of Loral Space and Communications Ltd. (AP)

The Latest Stories

Report May Fuel Debate on Fund-Raising Probe (July 23)

Gore Supporter Pleads Guilty (July 21)

Lott Scolds White House on Satellite Deals (July 15)

_ More Post and AP stories about campaign finance from the past month.

Money Troubles

s money too big a factor in modern political campaigns? Were the excesses of the 1996 election illegal? The issues being raised in the ongoing debate about campaign finance go to the very nature of American democracy.

This special report begins with an introduction to the critical issues underlying the debate. The key stories section includes Post coverage of the reform proposals, the criminal investigations, the Chinese missile allegations and other major topics. For perspective, see our selection of Post editorials and columns.

Test yourself on your campaign finance knowledge with our matching game. And if you didn't do well, explore our Key Players profiles to figure out who's who in the complex web of allegations.

Search our database of people invited to the controversial Democratic National Committee-sponsored coffees. See who stayed overnight at the White House during Clinton's first term. Share your concerns in our discussion area. And use our select list of links to surf the Web for more.
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