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July 21 - 27, 1998
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MoJo Update: Pesticide Dumping Continues
In the Clinton era, U.S. dumping of hazardous pesticides overseas has gotten worse. Sen. Patrick Leahy thinks he has the solution.

Holy Smoke!
The Virgin Mary was a Marlboro woman— and other outrageous tactics Big Tobacco uses to sell cigarettes abroad.

Exotic Schooling
Teach high school in Belize—the snorkeling and hiking is optional.

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Frequent Fliers

The White House flights database -- fully searchable by passenger, date, or miles traveled. Plus, in collaboration with FECInfo, view 1995-1996 itemized campaign contributions from each frequent flier.

April 28, 1997

Force I: Taxi For Hire We've given you the coffees and the sleep-overs, and now, to complete the package tour (food, lodging and travel), the MoJo Wire presents another Web exclusive: the searchable database of White House flights taken by financial supporters of Clinton and Gore.

Throughout the 1995-96 campaign season, Air Force One criss-crossed the country shuttling the president from one canned stump speech (and fundraiser) to another, while Air Force Two did the same for Al Gore. Turns out, a few big spenders got to hitch a ride: This month the White House released a list of 56 fliers who gave at least $5,000 to the Democratic National Committee or raised at least $25,000 for the DNC or the Clinton/Gore campaign.

Who were the lucky travelers? Well, 39 of the 63 went to White House coffees, and eight appear on this year's MoJo 400. Some were DNC finance staff and other political operatives, including our No. 2 frequent flier, Terry McAuliffe.

Curious about our "frequent-flier" mileage winner? Hint: He hitched a ride all the way to Moscow, he's a diamond dealer, and he's an old friend of both Jackie O and ailing Zairean dictator Mobutu Sese Seko. Wondering who rubbed elbows with Spam heir James Hormel on a June 22, 1995 flight from San Francisco to Portland? Find out here. Or just browse the list and imagine yourself sipping, napping and jetting through friendly skies -- with America's elite campaign contributors.

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