Fund-raising chronology

A chronology of the independent counsel considerations:

October 1996 - Congressional Republicans raise questions about donations to the Democratic National Committee attributed to the Lippo Group business conglomerate and various branches of the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple. The DNC releases a partial list of donors.

November 1996 - President Clinton says contributions did not influence his foreign policy. Justice Department turns down the request of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., that an independent prosecutor be requested.

January 1997 - Documents show that at least 100 coffees arranged by the DNC were held at the White House, some attended by Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

February 1997 - Clinton acknowledges he encouraged the rewarding of donors with overnight stays in the Lincoln Bedroom. Attorney General Janet Reno again declines to request appointment of an independent counsel.

March 1997 - Clinton says he can't say he didn't make fund-raising calls from the White House. He says, "I'm not sure, frankly." Gore says there were "a few occasions" when he called contributors from his office. He adds, "I do not feel like I did anything wrong, much less illegal."

April 1997 - Reno rejects latest GOP demand for an independent investigation, saying there is "no specific credible evidence" of wrongdoing by high officials.

July 1997 - Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott renews his call for an independent counsel. The Senate fund-raising committee votes to subpoena documents from the White House.

August 1997 - Documents handed over to the committee show Gore telephoned 46 people between November 1995 and May 1996, and asked them to give between $25,000 and $100,000 each.

September 1997 - The White House is notified that Reno has opened a review of Clinton's money-raising activities, a potential first step toward naming a special prosecutor. Clinton lawyers say no laws were broken.

Nov. 11, 1997 - The FBI and Justice Department prosecutors question Clinton and Gore in separate interviews.

Dec. 2, 1997 - Reno rejects calls for independent counsels for Clinton, Gore and former Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary.

By The Associated Press