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Chronology of White House tapes

Key events in the White House's delayed disclosure of videotapes showing President Clinton hosting donors at White House coffees, according to Justice Department and White House officials.

Wednesday, Oct. 1:

White House says it learns of the existence of the video footage of 44 coffees from the White House Communications Agency. The tapes are responsive to subpoenas issued months earlier in the fund-raising investigation.

Thursday, Oct. 2:

White House counsel Charles Ruff meets with Attorney General Janet Reno during a routine weekly meeting but fails to tell her that tapes exist relevant to her criminal investigation. White House lawyers call a Senate committee investigating fund-raising to alert them to the tapes but do not inform the Justice Department.

Friday Oct. 3

Morning - Bill Corcoran, the Justice task force attorney who handles document production issues, calls White House lawyer Lanny Breuer about another matter and, failing to reach him, leaves a voicemail message.

5:30 p.m. - Corcoran retrieves an untimed voicemail reply from Breuer in which the White House aide also indicates he also has another matter to discuss with Corcoran but does not describe it.

5:30 p.m.-6:45 p.m. - Corcoran makes five calls to Breuer, but fails to get through and leaves a voicemail message with his home telephone number.

5:45 p.m. - Reno sends a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Hyde saying there is no evidence on which to base an independent counsel investigation of President Clinton over the White House coffees.

Saturday, Oct. 4

Midday - Corcoran gets a call at home from Breuer and learns for the first time that videotapes of some coffees have been found.

Noon-2 pm.- Corcoran relays word up the Justice chain of command. Eventually Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder advises Reno. Task force lawyers are sent to view a composite of the videotapes immediately.

Monday, Oct. 6

The Justice Department arranges to acquire the originals of all relevant videotapes from the White House. Reno expresses her anger over the White House handling of the videotapes in a telephone call to Ruff.

Tuesday Oct. 7

The Justice task force subpoenas Breuer to appear before a grand jury to explain the circumstances of how the videotapes were found and why they went undiscovered for so long.

Wednesday, Oct. 8

Breuer appears before the grand jury for about two hours to testify.

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