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Highlights of Wednesday's Senate hearing

-Wednesday's witness: Richard Sullivan, finance director of the Democratic National Committee in 1995 and 1996.

-Gist of his testimony: He had misgivings over hiring John Huang to raise funds from the Asian-American community. Huang was hired after officials from President Clinton down pushed for taking him on. Sullivan said he had misgivings over Huang's lack of fund-raising experience and insisted he be briefed by a lawyer about a prohibition against accepting money from foreigners.

-Key quote, from Sullivan: "He did not have any experience on a full-time basis."

-Other developments: Attorney General Janet Reno opposed giving immunity to Huang, which he wants as his price for testifying about some areas. President Clinton, in Madrid, Spain, said he may have told someone that Huang wanted to be hired by the party.

-What's next: Hearing resumes at 10 a.m. EDT Thursday with Sullivan back in the witness chair.

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