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Nun Too Soon
The Thompson committee finally heard from the Buddhist nuns that the Justice Department didn't want the committee to immunize yesterday. And it turns out that maybe Justice had a point—because these meek-looking nuns, in their cinnamon-colored robes and close-cropped hair, went about destroying evidence in the wake of the Al Gore fundraiser. Said Fred Thompson: "You made some very sophisticated moves after the fact in terms of destroying documents and altering documents. Either you're more sophisticated than we thought or you had some help." The nuns also seemed to have learned a thing or two from Richard Sullivan—the canny DNC finance director who confounded Republicans in July—in their denials that the fundraising event was actually a fundraising event. "We don't consider it a fundraising event," explained one of the nuns, "because no table was set up and no checks were solicited and no mention about any individual contribution." That, of course, should be a matter for an independent counsel to decide. Pressure is steadily building on Janet Reno to appoint one. Which would give Fred Thompson a perfect excuse to fold up shop and declare victory, arguing that all the obstacles in his way prevented him from getting to the bottom of the fundraising scandal but at least he set in motion a process that might yet.

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