Florida Contributions and Expenditures '93-'98

This is the source data for the Florida Secretary of State, Division of Elections' excellent on-line contributions/expenditure search engine The advantage to downloading this datafile is that you can then search the whole thing at once with unlimited output, and you can join the downloaded data with other databases such as FEC data, federal contracts data (available from NICAR), or state contracts data.

Questions about the data can be directed to the Florida Division of Elections at (850) 488-7697.


Database information:
This data consists of three key tables: contrib.dbf (contributions), exp.dbf (expenditures), and cc1.dbf (candidate/committee). Lookup the account number for a candidate, committee, or PAC in cc1 then use that account number to track contributions and expenditures in the other tables.
The CFIC would like to thank Sandy Brill at the Florida Secretary of State Office, Division of Elections.


FEC Data
Florida FEC, provided by American University, lists individual contributions to all Florida Congressional candidates. Visit the American University Campaign Finance site for FEC data analysis, contributions from PACS, and contributions broken down by senate/house candidate.

Online Search Engine

Florida Campaign Finance Database From the Florida Department of State.

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